Offers in Compromise

Offers In Compromise could result in the settlement of your IRS tax debt for much less then you owe. However, very few situations warrant an acceptance of your “offer” by the IRS. This tax settlement is not for everybody and few people qualify for such a settlement. To settle your tax debt for “pennies on the dollar” is quite rare. There are many unscrupulous tax debt resolution companies claiming such settlements.

In order for the IRS to accept your offer, you must qualify. Qualifying requires that there is either a serious doubt as to whether or not you owe the taxes assessed [doubt as to liability] or that you cannot pay the tax in full within a specified amount of time [doubt as to collectibility] or that it would be inequitable to impose undue harm on you [effective tax administration]. The facts and circumstances of your particular situation must be proven through proper supporting documentation which the IRS will request from you. Contact us for more information regarding Offers in Compromise: (619) 437-4377.

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