Coronado – San Diego Tax Controversy Attorney

Whether you own a business or you only have your personal finances to manage, an audit isn’t something that anyone wants to get. A lot of people just want to pay the amount owed and move on as quickly as possible, before the situation gets any worse. But audits aren’t always accurate, and the IRS may say that you owe money that you aren’t legally obligated to pay.

John Harbin can review your case and help you understand your legal rights. In some cases John Harbin may be able to find applications of the law that minimize your financial obligation, helping to reduce your penalties, as well. In other cases, we may be able to mount a defense that challenges the validity of certain laws or policies, helping to create a new legal precedent that will protect you and other taxpayers in the future. John has been highly successful in the abatement of a significant amount of tax penalties, taking advantage of his inside knowledge of government procedures. Contact us for more Coronado San Diego Tax Controversy Attorney information: (619) 437-4377.

Coronado San Diego Tax Controversy Attorney

Coronado San Diego Tax Controversy Attorney, Law Offices of John Harbin.